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I enjoy art, fabric art, photography, hiking and quilting and am lucky enough to live in 2 beautiful places--Sedona, AZ and Campobello Island, NB.  See my blog at http://afabricator.blogspot.com/

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Sunday, March 12, 2017

FSBO Oak Creek Valley Home for Sale Affordable $199,000

View from Side Screened Porch, very green for Arizona!

We bought another house so we want to sell this one as quickly and easily as possible.  Owner financing with 30 percent down, reasonable interest rate, negotiable time frame.  Great community on Spring and Oak Creeks.  We will really miss the natural area walks on the common land trails, but it is time to move on.  Also I spent a great deal of time on the landscaping which I cannot take with me.  Great affordable housing which is in short supply in the Verde Valley.  Make it your riparian retreat although the house does sit far enough up the hill to be out of the 500 year floodplain!  Great birding, national forest and state trust lands adjacent.

Part of the Kitchen with a view of the opened pantry 

Possible 6 month furnished rental April 15th to October 15th!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Near Sedona, AZ for Sale $199,000, 3 bedrooms, 2 car carport, mountain views, screened porch, great community!

Details available here:  http://www.zillow.com/homes/for_sale/8781070_zpid/3-_beds/pricea_sort/34.756898,-111.891225,34.735176,-111.927703_rect/14_zm/?view=public

Lots of good pictures of the community if you scroll down through this blog.

Prefer closing in late April or May 2017.  Prefer cash or will do owner financing with 30 percent down.

Great community, wonderful usable floor plan, well maintained.  Additional pictures on request.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

$199,000 Oak Creek Valley Home--Great for an Artist in Beautiful Oak Creek Valley

I have added a few exterior shots to the bottom of this post....  If you want a specific shot, please contact me at trina.stephenson@gmail.com.  Also see more photos at our listing:  home link on zillow.  Available late November 2017.

 Prices have begun to climb and supply of comparable homes in the community for sale have completely been sold so asking price has recently been increased.  Don't wait too long....

The home is very close to Sedona and renovated(2010) and affordable.  The Oak Creek Valley community has lots of common land with amenities like a community pool and hiking trails along Oak Creek and Spring Creek!  Contact me for information, showings, and any other questions. This is a gated community so please contact us by email if interested.  Do not drop by as you will find a locked gate!

The post below has some information about the community facilities in Oak Creek Valley.  We are surrounded by public lands(State Trust and National Forest) in Oak Creek Valley and there are only a few more than 150 homes here.  The Community is convenient to Cottonwood or Sedona or anywhere in the Verde Valley.

 Front Side Walk with the Beginning of the Mulberry Leaves in Late November
Fall is late here!!!
 Side Porch and part of side yard.  Gate to Back Yard down the Path

 Rear Side Patio off Bedroom and Part of Fenced in Rear Yard
 Back of House with View of Some of the Bamboo Growing and tall Pines in Back Yard!
 View of Part of other Side Yard Looking  towards Car Port

Part of Side Yard with Car Port in View

View of House from Near Bottom Lot Line Near Water Meter

Some of our neighborhood quail from our side porch on our fence separating the front and back yards

a picture of part of the backyard beyond the patio with some of the shrubs the quail hang out in

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Views of landscaping of home for sale in Oak Creek Valley

I have carted hundreds or maybe thousands of red rocks and other interesting rocks which were distributed throughout the landscaping, planted dozens of plants and otherwise spruced up this 10,000 sq foot plus lot.  We have a screened porch and outdoor patio and many discrete areas of landscaping.  Pictures do not show it as well as being here of course, but here are some to set  the stage for the main attraction--the house.

The walking trails along Spring and Oak Creek are also particularly lush and well maintained this year.

One of many cactuses

Another agave, russian sage, blanket flower

More side yard

We have 5 large pines on the property.  3 in backyard.  This is the far backyard

This hedge is in another part of the backyard.  Quail nest in it.

Part of the patio in the side yard behind the fence

Side patio behind the screened in porch

A view from side screened in porch

A view from side screened in porch towards back, steps into bedroom with sunshade

Croner of screened porch looking towards side yard, large pine and street

A small portion of front yard looking towards street

One of two mulberry trees in front yard which provides good shade and seasonal privacy

A piece of right side yard

A view of a portion of the rear yard.  Bamboo without watering stays the same size and does not get invasive.  No change in 5 years, but provides a nice bright green screen of foliage.

A view of part of back yard with view towards Mingus Mountains

Patio, screened porch, and a part of the side yard

A closer view of above, note large pine tree for shade

Side and rear yards completely fenced with a gate on both sides

A view of bamboo, 3 large pines and back fence

Planter by right side gate

Some desert plantings, many more around property

View of side yard towards street.  It was garbage day!

View through carport to right side yard

View from mulberry tree down street

View of front of house with mailbox, side of screened porch from across the street

View of driveway and carport with site built neighbor's house in view

View of one of my cactus and rock rings

Our HOA is strict with the rules on yard maintenance and the common facilities are well maintained.  If you are looking for a community where anything is acceptable like people living out of RV's in yards then this is not the community for you. We own our own wells(great volumes of water some of the best volumes in the county), our sewage treatment plant, do a contract for garbage/recycling, have our own common land and trails, clubhouse, gatehouse, operating gate, and great reserves so we can afford to maintain the facilities like the new pickle ball court.  We also have 3 great employees running the common facilities!

Community Facilities Pictures for Oak Creek Valley

I have had lots of questions about what we get for our $84 per month association fee.  We get a huge amount, including over a mile of frontage with trails on Oak and Spring Creeks which are owned by us!

We also have a sewage system, shared garbage collection costs, and great artesian wells owned by the community which are reasonable priced at about $100 per month in addition to the HOA fee, but are billed together monthly.  The internal roads are well maintained, we have a clubhouse for meetings, a gatehouse and a working gate, a small library, a pool, tennis and basketball court, 3 employees who do a great job maintaining our systems and common lands.  We also own a pueblo which was the first one excavated since Tuzigoot in the 1930's by professional archeologists.  Below are a few pictures of some of these facilities.  

Remember the community backs up to National Forest or the creeks so we have lots of great wild animals.  I watched a jackrabbit hop up the trail to one of our pocket parks at the top of Oak Creek Trail the other day! The people who would be happiest in this community are those who value quiet and the natural scenery.  However, both Sedona and Cottonwood are only a quick 15 minute drive.

 I see ducks and blue herons here every day!
 one of our trails which are well maintained by our volunteer greenbelt committee
 we have several parks with amenities such as picnic areas, benches, grills, views etc.
our waterfall on Spring Creek with trails into the National Forest and the mesa top with views of the red rocks of Sedona

the following are a series of photos I took in December 2012 during a walk along the Spring Creek Trail:

one of the marked species along the trail
the irrigation ditch gate
the end of the trail is at the National Forest!

the footbridge across the Creek
the footpath above the creek

Saba heartily approves of this particular hike

our weird black and white rocks